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    4/12/2010, 10:10 pm
    Message by ASmoothKillminal - HD History
    Very cool Max. Nice post that really show the important of the HD tag. I wish I could've been there since the beginning but in hindsight I am glad to be apart of something with a meaning like HellDogs/HighDef.

    You know if you guys wanted to we may be able to use the HellDog moniker on MAG just by changing the E to 3. So instead of HellDogs it would read H3llDogs or we spell it like these variations:





    He77 Dogs

    Just throwing those out there. I know the name means a lot and it wouldn't be a problem changing it. That way if we spelled it with one of those variations we could also use the logo, the tag, and we could easily revert back to HellDogs when we go to another game. This would keep the legacy alive and that's something I would like to do for you and Stalker.

    On the logo I know it has special meaning but I found a guy who is making us up some signatures using the HighDef Logo. He is really talented, free, and has done a lot of the signature bars and logo's you see on the MAG forums. I know if we wanted to revert back we could get him to use the old logo and update it for us.

    I mean really all we would do is change the variation of the clan for MAG but once we get our clan up in SOCOM or other titles we can use HellDogs with no variation.

    I like this and would love to know what you and Stalker think.
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    4/11/2010, 6:14 pm
    Message by ASmoothKillminal - Clan Invites
    It looks like we have 2 more members for SVER.

    Lordmousey and On2s-TANK

    If you could invite these 2 that would be great.

    We also have another who is level 59 SVER and wants to join the Raven clan when he vets Big_Uhy.

    Edib said he would take care of it as soon as we get a message letting us know he vet.
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