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 What is your favorite weapon?

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PostSubject: What is your favorite weapon?   3/29/2010, 10:20 am

The best weapons I have used belong to Raven. There not the most powerful but the fire rate and accuracy are better than SVER or Valor. That's not to say that SVER and Valor don't have some pretty good weapons.

Here is my favorites by PMC:

1. Shottie - 7 round and very powerful. Be sure to aim chest up.
2. RTK v1a - Seems to handle better than unmodified RTK.
3. RTK - Good gun. Just hold down the trigger.

1. KP-45 - Powerful, great fire rate. Good 2nd tier LMG.
2. ATAC - Free foregrip, very accurate, little recoil. Be sure to aim at head.
3. F90 - If you have good aim (chest up) the fire rate will overwhelm enemy.

1. Scar-LW - Best AR in game. Very smooth, no recoil, deadly accurate.
2. Scar-HW - Good stopping power, not as accurate as Scar-LW.
3. Shottie - 8 round. Best shottie in game.
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What is your favorite weapon?
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