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PostSubject: Current Rosters   4/19/2010, 10:39 pm

Alright guys there has been a LOT of movement these last few days and know I am officially confused. It seems like 4 or 5 vetted from SVER over to Raven. The Raven bunch is getting huge but very few want to vet out to fill spots with the other PMC's.

I am having a difficult time keeping up with who is going where. So any clan officers please let me know who has came over or left from your PMC. I need this info to try and keep up with the roster list.

Another thing, please guys don't be worried about vetting. Vetting is a part of the game and let's you experience the game from another perspective. As a 5 (almost 6) time vet I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. After I leave Valor the leaders and I have discussed me going over and assuming leadership of the SVER group. So I will be there in a few days. Some of you Raven guys should come over and join me to help even things out a little. It's cool if not but I think once you come over you will find it a worthwhile experience.

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Current Rosters
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