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 Get around group limitation numbers

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PostSubject: Get around group limitation numbers   4/16/2010, 10:36 pm

Aight as we all know, the maximum number of players in a group right now is 8 players.... For those of you that don't know there is a way around this, I'm not 100% sure, more like 95% sure of how this works so i'll explain it for those of you that don't know already....

Step 1: Have 7 people in your group
Step 2: Send invites to everyone else you want in your group, but make sure those players DON'T ACCEPT YET
Step 3: Once all invites have been sent, send messages to each player letting them know it's ok to accept

Once all the invites have been sent, everyone that accepts their invite will be brought into the group, They WILL NOT show up on the group panel, BUT they WILL be able to talk to everyone in the group! This means you can actually have a group of 16 players( 2 squads) playing in the same game... and there is no limit to the number players you can add this way... If someone else wants to join though you must start the whole process over again....

The key is making sure nobody accepts until ALL the invites have been sent out..

Yes, this is a glitch in the system, but from what i've heard MAG was intended to be able to support 32 player groups from the get go, I'm sure this is a known glitch, but it's not a harmful one, SO have fun, This really makes the game more fun when you can play with large groups of guys that all know the drill... It works even better when someone in the group get's platoon leader so he can comminucate to everyone what the strategy is...

So have fun..


Strength in Numbers
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PostSubject: Re: Get around group limitation numbers   4/17/2010, 9:46 am

Wow I have never heard of this that would have come in hand last night with 9 on at once
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Get around group limitation numbers
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