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 Leadership Tutorials

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PostSubject: Leadership Tutorials   4/5/2010, 10:24 pm

I don't know if I'm speaking for anyone else, but I for one would love to know how to become a squad or platoon leader. Maybe one day, even becoming a OIC. But first things are first. I have not once been a squad leader in any of the games.

I would love it if some of our leaders can post some "how to" instructions for those that want to know how to lead or become a better leader. Not just the how tos like hit select, choose a target and hit the x button, but the strategies, when both attacking and defending. When should the bunkers be frago'd? And stuff like that.

Thanks in advance.
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PostSubject: Re: Leadership Tutorials   4/6/2010, 9:01 am

In my experience I have found that the most important object either attacking or defending is the AA gun. It's is the protector for the defenders and the thorn in the side of the attackers.

When defending you always want to FRAGO the object you want to defend and where most of the fighting will take place. For example on Raven's Aqui map most of the time if I'm at a bunker near the front gate I will FRAGO the gate instead of the bunker. If the gate goes down the attackers can drive right out so that's another very important object when defending.

When defending or attacking the greatest majority of maps for any PMC the best thing to do is FRAGO your bunker when defending, and the far left or far right bunker (whichever is closest) when attacking. The reason you FRAGO the far left or right bunker is because by doing this you only have to worry about taking fire from one side. That means you don't, generally, have to worry about anyone flanking you and coming up from behind.

In Domination the burn-off tower is automatically FRAGO'd so make sure to FRAGO your bunker when defending, that way you get points in both areas. When attacking it is always best to FRAGO the far left or right bunker and work on taking them down before attempting to capture the burn-off tower. This way the defenders are not just respawning at there bunker and running just a few feet to get back to the tower. Instead the are having to run back all the way from the vent room and by that time the attackers have already captured the tower.

If your bunker goes down while defending FRAGO that and try to get it back up ASAP. The usual path for the attacker will be the AA after they destroy the bunker so always use the AA as a waypoint while on your way back to repair the bunker. If you notice the enemy has planted charges at the AA then move the FRAGO to it until the situation is defused. If the AA blows get your repair team there quickly. If you give the enemy helos or paratroopers time to start flying in it is very hard to hold the AA.

If everything goes down and you just can't make it back out to the front lines then from there you will want your squad to fall back and protect the primary objective, i.e. the letters or transports. Both of these are automatically FRAGO'd so when defending keep FRAGO the roadblocks as they go down and try to get them back up. If you see an opening you may try to FRAGO the mortar and have a few guys try to repair that. Work on pushing the enemy back and FRAGO and repair things as you push forward.

As an attacker if you have succeeded in blowing up the bunkers and AA, the next thing to do is FRAGO the mortar battery and take that out. Once this is gone the defenders have no other option than to fall back and protect there assets. The next most important area is the Motor Pool. Attack this as you push up toward the transports after you take down the mortar. This will keep any jeeps from running around trying to repair stuff, or running down and blowing up the transport. Once the mortar and motor pool goes down switch FRAGO to the roadblocks. These have to go down before you can take the transport.

Well this is long enough. If I can think of anything else I will add it. If anyone has any questions please ask.
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PostSubject: Re: Leadership Tutorials   4/12/2010, 2:42 am

Simple enough, Play suppression there is like no experience gain but since majority of lower levels play it your chance of Squad/Platoon/OIC are higher. Plus if you have the full med kit spec then you'd get good XP cause like nobody revives in Suppression.
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PostSubject: Re: Leadership Tutorials   4/12/2010, 3:47 pm

The most important thing is to be humble and understand that being a SL/PL is helping your squad with the added benifits. You should seldom lead your squad in XP during the game (unless you have good airstrikes). Simple instructions are best. FRAGO's are a must!!! Learn how to use platoon chat and company chat. The thing that helped me the most when I was learing is getting to know the maps. Holding back and not being the guy on the front lines all the time until I learned funnel patterns and key cluster areas was important. Watch the select map screen and see where your squad and attackers are coming from is very important. Above all be nice!! Just because some yahoo is at B when you should be attacking A doesn't mean he is not important to a TEAM win. Suggest he return to help you (if needed) if he does not accept you suggestion try again. If that doesn't work then VTK warning. If all else fails VTK at least you were nice about it.
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PostSubject: Re: Leadership Tutorials   

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Leadership Tutorials
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