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 I've been away for so long...

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PostSubject: I've been away for so long...   10/19/2010, 7:10 pm

So I was sitting watching reruns of The Office and i thought to myself, what was that game I used to play...oh yeah, MAG! So I jumped into a few games and it was fun, but could have been a lot better.

I'm just wondering if anybody's still playing this or if all of the discussions about faction neutrality and OP shotguns have turned everyone off, lol.

Anyway, I think I'll be hitting up some Directives this winter and would really enjoy fighting along side you guys again. I'm still on the Raven side so if you're up for it, I'm up for a game.


Edit: I moved back over to SVER...just love that orange vest. Hope to see you guys out there.
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I've been away for so long...
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